The Pastie Project was created by costume designer and historian Coleen Scott.  Coleen   is passionate about preserving burlesque costume history, and with her husband, photographer Ben Trivett, they created a photo archive of pasties, both vintage and cutting edge.  Our goal was to publish a book on the history of pastie construction, and to represent as many varieties and types that have existed throughout burlesque history.  Thanks to generous support during our Kickstarter fundraiser in March 2017, The Pastie Project book was published in June 2017!


Coleen is based in New York City, and has been on the burlesque scene for 9 years, performing from coast to coast with the stage name Rosey La Rouge. She is a professional costume designer and makeup artist with an MFA in Costume Design from Boston University.  She is currently interviewing burlesque legends about their costumes for Burlesque Beat, and she is writing a scholarly monograph on the entire history of burlesque costume for Routledge/Taylor and Francis.